Premiering: October 2, 2017

Premier platform: Plunkett-TV, DAILYMOTION AND AMAZON PRIME.

Producer: Michele Plunkett

Anticipate one of the most thrilling zombie apocalyptic movies of all time!

14 August 2017- Imaginations rule the world. And no better form of imaginative wonderment ever surpassed watching a movie. It puts one’s mind and soul at ease while taking the person on a journey to a far away land existing in their imaginations. The most mind blowing of these world of wonderment is a Zombie apocalyptic based movie that not only entertains but also educates and inspires people. One of the most thrilling zombie movies DEAD SURVIVORZ is about to premier.

Dead Survivorz is about an apocalyptic event caused by three burglarizing women being somewhere and touching things they shouldn’t have. With humans in small numbers, a militant group lead by an angry man named Jimmy hunts for the women for revenge regardless of whether they can be cured or not. Jimmy does not discriminate between Zombies or humans. What’s worse, some of the Zombies are self aware and the human race is very quickly going extinct.

These women walk the roads of old ruined cities. They are not alive and not really dead. Just the 3 of them, walking while their flesh Decay and their lips chapped with dust caught between the cracks of their skin. They are always on the lookout for they don’t know who or what will attack them next.

Starring in this exciting horror movie are: Zakariya Narowski, Stephanie Ellen Almeida, Lyda Marie Conner, Mary Cassella. And Music By Mystical Charlie. It was made on a small budget by independent producer Michele Plunkett.


This mini Tv series will be coming out soon on Amazon prime, DailyMotion, Plunkett-TV and youtube October 2nd.







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