Shock Stock 2017: London’s Horror Convention [SPOKESMODEL ARTICLE]

Thereee she isssss....

Thereee she isssss….

Shock Stock is London, Ontario’s PREMIERE annual horror convention where not only can you come to enjoy indie horror films, but dabble in all other forms of horror related shops.

During this 3 day blood bath, you’re welcome to view the films playing in the different screening rooms, enjoying a delicious coffee from Deadly Grounds, while dipping your morning crumpet in Slim Pepper hot sauce. If that doesn’t help give you some pep in your step, you’re more than welcome to take a gander at some of the greatest horror movie collections but also check out some amazing artists while sipping your Kickin’ Back Dry by Wellington Brewery.

Don’t have friends to come? Make new ones!

This year 2017 there were awesome guests like Mark Torgl from The Toxic Avenger, and a whole booth dedicated to the fabulous folks from Burning Angel who came all the way from California!

Forgot to pack clothes? No problem!

The loads of merchandise and vendors that supply clothes and jewelry can hook you up, and while you’re at it, why not get a few pieces of artwork from other local talents to take home and enjoy. Not so much a visual person, would rather read or listen to something spooky? Well we’ve got that covered too! This year we had Chistian Laforet and Ben Van Dongen there to draw you in to their book called No Light Tomorrow.

Along with all this excitement, you can also meet and greet the Miss Shock Stock competitors. This year I had submitted my application to participate and was invited to come as one of the finalists along side Samantha Mack, and Jessie Lee, both super talented performers. We had been asked to submit a few images and a blurb on what it would mean to us to be Miss Shock Stock 2017. Each of our answers were very individual, and also hilarious. During the Saturday Night festivities, we had the great Joanna Angel MC the event where we were questioned again to show the people why we should be crowned Miss Shock Stock 2017. It was a tough battle, but in the end it was up to the crowd. I’ll let the images speak for the rest.

In the end there is no reason for you to NOT come to Shock Stock 2018, unless you’re squeamish or maybe you’re stuck in quick sand.

But if that’s not the case, make your way to London, Ontario, Canada and check out some of the wonderfully horrifying things that Shock Stock has to offer! 

Author: Aly Goo

Aly Goo is the DarkestGoth Vice Spokesmodel for 2017

Aly is an alt model/MUA/stylist from Ontario Canada. With international publications, a great following, and lots of resources under her belt, Aly Goo is a fun, loving, dark model who is aiming to take the world by storm!

With 5 years experience, Aly Goo hopes that not only can she represent great companies, magazines, and products, but that she can also inspire more models to pursue their goals and ambitions to be models.

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