Gothic Scene In A Small Town: My Personal Experience of an Historical Dark Club. [ARTICLE]

Condor nightI’m writing again, after a long time, because I don’t think anyone besides Modena and Reggio Emilia knows about the legendary Dark Club named “Condor.”

Condor is an historical club that first, for a long time, during 80/90/00 was placed in Modena. The club was forced  to close and become itinerant for almost 10 years.  (This is what some Goths told me.)

Condor night

A few days after my father died, Tony Ryan – Condor Club’s owner – died, too. But his son, Cristian Rossi, didn’t give up and he’s still keeping the Gothic scene alive in Emilia more than anyone else.

He re-opened Condor Club in Modena, in another venue, but it wasn’t enough.  So this year (2017) he moved the club in Rubiera, a little city near Reggio Emilia, and Modena.

After the new opening in Rubiera he chose to open the club for a free-entry Gothic-aperitif every Sunday evening (from 7pm to midnight).

We have had various international VIP’s for DJ’s, as Hellvis from Spiritual Front and Sonya Scarlet from Theatres des Vampires.

Condor nightBut not only new-wave! Even if most of the people are in love with the eighties sound, two Fridays a month we have “metal nights” too.

If you are in Emilia-Romagna you can come to Condor, just check the facebook page of Condor ( ) for the events and come to Rubiera, have fun, drink good beers and listen good music! No one will ever judge you.

Here’s an article and a video about the re-opening after summer holidays in Modena, obviously it’s in Italian, but you can easily understand that the beautiful place, Condor Club, is for every dark soul here in Emilia. 

Author: Naamah

«I'm a little bat lost in the night.» Hello everyone, My name is Laura (Naamah for the dark scene), I'm a philosopher and I am deeply interested in Antrophology, Religions, Witchcraft and Feticism. I love horror movies but I also like fantasy, fantascientific, and cinecomics. I love industrial metal as well as black metal, folk metal, darkwave and ebm. I've entered the dark scene when I was 13, but I grew up listening to Queen, Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson, and so on. I met my fiancé when I was 14 and it was love at the first bite, even if he stands for the Team Lycans and Team Iron Man. I verified on my skin the hate towards the strange and different ones, I'm from South Italy and here, in the North, a lot of people thinks that we are rude; furthermore I'm a "gothic chick" and for this highschool was the worst period of all my life. What else should I say? Oh, right... I'm an alternative model for fun, so... Enjoy!

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