Lady Chapell: The Lady in Red and Gold [MODEL GALLERY]

The set was inspired by HBO’s Game of Thrones which is the biggest show on television nowadays.  I was at a group shoot under ATP Events (or Allie Taylor Photography) back in June at a park outside of the Columbus, Ohio area. My dear friend, Eric Duckworth whose also a jewelry designer under Cultist Crafts had an outfit that he borrowed from his friend who owns a boutique in a Florence, KY called The Dragon’s Hoard (located in the Florence Mall next to Hot Topic).  The dragons, the red, the gold, and the magic of the outfit was brought together with his medieval jewelry which he recommended. The makeup artist for this concept was Gaia Irene and gave me a natural glamour look.  Love her work! I needed a photographer fast before the overall of the group shoot ended. Well, the last minute photographer was Abigail Elizabeth of Pink Moon Photography helped me out.  She wanted to take some photos in the woods and I wanted to get the feel of the moment by going barefoot. I am not afraid to get dirty people especially for the perfect shot.  The atmosphere of the shoot was fathomable and her direction was just superb.  The pictures were raw, powerful, inspirational, and tranquility that I thought was cosplaying for a hot minute and it was super cool. I would love to adventure into the cosplaying world in the near future. Thanks for reading my gallery and a huge thank you for people who made this possible!


Lady Chapell

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Author: Lady Chapell

Hello! My name is Chapell and I am a Professsional Alternative Published Model, Professional Pose Coach, and a cosplayer from Morrow, OH. I am a military wife, a mother of adorable three year old, and a volunteer to tons of organizations locally and nationally.

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