Lady Chapell: Whereabouts of a Dark Lolita [MODEL GALLERY]

Hello, Everyone! This is Lady Chapell. For this gallery, I am wearing a lolita outfit.


Lolita started in Japan and has mainstream through out the world in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  You are a lady in your own right.  Some people may think it is childish, but for myself; it is new way of expressing fashion. and I like to feel like princess every day and have confidence doing it from the fabric, the art of design, etc. The skirt’s design is a time clock and love the blues and the golds that makes the outfit stand out.


Of course, you cannot forget the bow. That’s essential as a Lolita, even if the person decides to be dark Lolita or a sweet Lolita.  The black lace blouse tied all together as one to symbolizes dark and gothic. I believe the title of the gallery fits the outfit of the whereabouts of time and of uncertainty. Thank you for reading my article and I will see you all later. Bye!

Wardrobe: Fanplusfriend Garden and Hot Topic

Makeup Artist: Aly Issabelle Makeup Artistry

Location: Northern Kentucky


Lady Chapell

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Goth Viking Photography

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Author: Lady Chapell

Hello! My name is Chapell and I am a Professsional Alternative Published Model, Professional Pose Coach, and a cosplayer from Morrow, OH. I am a military wife, a mother of adorable three year old, and a volunteer to tons of organizations locally and nationally.

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