Marie Silvermist: Dock of the Bay [MODEL GALLERY]

This was a somewhat spur of the moment shoot that occurred when I happened to be hanging out with my photographic collaborators at Goth Viking Photography. I was really enjoying this dress and, as we were getting close to magic hour, I thought I would brave the wind to take these photos!


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Author: Marie Silvermist

Alternative & vintage model in Lexington who explores aquatic and fantasy themes.

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  1. These are cool. Like Daytona Beach 1974. The dress is so retro! Photo 8 looks like a riverside dock peninsula shot about a mile from the ocean. I can smell the neroli and orange blossom essential oils so commonly marketed in the gift shops, where puka shell necklaces, seashells, and the dried carcasses of starfish and blowfish are common souvenirs. Want a gator claw keychain or a real shark tooth? This is where you’ll find it. Oh and don’t forget your postcards and t-shirts. On the way out you are greeted by a friendly man that suavely lures you in for an unexpectedly very long and sweaty Miami timeshare bus adventure in trade for a big box of assorted citrus fruit, nuts, orange blossom honey, and a couple of $100 dinner gift certificates. Plus a free dinner when you get to the resort. Sound enticing?

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