GEN CON 2023: DGM Walks the Con [EVENT/NEWS]

While Gen Con 2023 got off to a wild start this year with a $300k Magic card heist on Wednesday  and a near riot involving the Disney Lorcana release Thursday morning, we started our coverage of the show a little later Thursday—after the hubbub had died down!

So much to see at Gen Con this year! DGM reporter, Megan Renee, takes you through Gen Con in our exploration video. The new style we used this year allows you to feel more like you’re actually there with us, as we see overviews of things, and then zoom into segments of tutorials just like you might if you were actually there. While we’ve credited the different games we feature in the video, our favorite titles that we saw this year are linked below, as well. (No financial compensation has been provided to DGM for coverage. They’re simply the things that caught our eye and that we enjoyed this year!)

Links to some of our favorite things that impressed us in this video:

Dire Wolf Digital: Dune: Imperium

Hot Banana Games: Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum

Modiphius: Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Modiphius: Skyrim: The Adventure Game

Renegade Game Studios: Robo Rally

Stoneblade Entertainment: SolForge Fusion

TTCombat: RumbleSlam

Wizards of the Coast: Wizards of the Cones food truck


[Banner Image Credits: (from left to right) Renegade Games’ Robo Rally, TTCombat’s Rumbleslam, Dire Wolf Digital’s Dune Imperium, Stoneblade Entertainment’s SolForge Fusion, and Hot Banana Games’ Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum ]

Author: Megan Renee

Megan Renee is a media, game, and culture reviewer and writer from the South. As a transgender woman, she has an especial eye for the effect of pop culture on impacted minorities and people groups. Her favorite film of all time is, Fight Club, followed by the Matrix, American Beauty, and 2023's Barbie the Movie; her favorite fantasy author is Stephen R. Donaldson, followed closely by the much more prolific Brandon Sanderson; she has a deep love for singers Tori Amos, Lorde, and Josh Joplin, while she has an especial affection for bands Over The Rhine, Within Temptation, and Stabbing Westward; and her favorite card game of all time is Magic: The Gathering, with a true passion for the often hated energy and poison decks of yore!

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