Thy Listless Heart: Pilgrims On the Path of No Return [ALBUM REVIEW]

Band/Artist: Thy Listless Heart

Release House: Hammerheart Records

Genre: Atmospheric Doom Metal

One Sentence Synopsis: Sorrow laden atmospheres captured in Gothic doom beauty.

Series: Standalone

Single/EP/Album: Album

Release Date: November 18, 2022

Estimated Length: 45 minutes

MSRP: $15.99

Website: Click Here

Trailer/Video: Click Here

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Reviewed by: Reverend Leviathan

Final Score: 4.5 Moons (out of 5)


Thy Listless Heart is the concept and creation of Simon Bibby (Seventh Angel, My Silent Wake). It is a project borne out of a growing sense of fragility, an embracing of the precarious balance between life and death and the imposed isolation of a worldwide pandemic.

Brilliant Moon Award


Death haunts the minds of many, and Pilgrims On the Path of No Return has perfectly placed that haunting mystery to music. Not trying to offer answers but really just more questions, with the lyrics speaking of death as a sort of certain uncertainty, and the search for meaning in it all (“The Search for Meaning” is actually the name of the final and longest track.)

At first I thought I was just going into doom metal with the first song, but as I entered “The Precipice” it was pretty clear that I was dealing with something that had a bit more atmosphere. It just got deeper with “When the Soul Departs the Body” when all of the heavy guitars vanished and all that was left were strings and percussion and choirs that sounded like they were from a monastery. The range on this album and these tracks is amazing.




Listening to Thy Listless Heart for the first time, I probably played this album non-stop for about a week. Simon Bibby’s long, drawn out vocals are very enjoyable and complement the music and mood of the album so well, and the quieter vocals help to give it an air of mystery.

The atmosphere that exists within each song is uniquely its own. Some songs have more of a classic doom metal sound while others are more genre defying, avant garde Gothic folk with some very beautiful flutes and wind instruments, guest vocals, strings and cello. Mesmerizing at times.

Simon Bibby: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Samples, Kravik Lyre and Lap Harp


Audience Fit

Any metal head who appreciates quality doom metal, especially atmospheric doom metal, would benefit from checking out this album. I would also say due to how atmospheric and genre bending it gets at times that fans of Gothic avant garde music would enjoy it as well, as at times I think I’m listening to Dead Can Dance incorporating doom metal into their style.

Closing Thoughts

Pilgrims On the Path of No Return delivers an amazing dark beauty that I did not hear in other metal releases of 2022. Thy Listless Heart created an atmospheric masterpiece that carries the listener away into the mystery that awaits us all at the end of this journey called life.


Theme: 5 Moons (out of 5.0)

Presentation: 5 Moons (out of 5.0)

Audience Fit: 4.5 Moons (out of 5.0)

Final Score (not an average): 4.5 Moons (out of 5.0)

Score: Four point five moons

Author: Reverend Leviathan

Reverend Leviathan is the Music & Media Editor at DarkestGoth Magazine. He has been part of the Gothic community since his high school years. He released an album in 2008 entitled "Eden's Graveyard," and in 2022 released "Vampire Friar." He has also self-published a book, Gothlic: The Testimony of a Catholic Goth. He specializes in music (Goth, ambient, industrial, horror punk and doom metal) and independent films. You can follow him at If you have questions about having your music or media reviewed or featured at DarkestGoth, you can email Reverend Leviathan directly. (Not all music or media will be eligible for coverage by DGM, due to its style or the current knowledge base of DGM staff. If your media is accepted, we are currently estimating a 90-120 day turnaround for reviews and/or other coverage, so please plan requests accordingly.)

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