Pandora: Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum at Gen Con [MODEL GALLERY]

“I have always wanted to cosplay Ash Ketchum so I was really excited about it and shout-out to the people at GenCon from #strangepokemonhunt that gave me a Pokéball during our shoot!! That completed the whole look and made for a fun memory!”




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Author: Pandora

I'm a 28 year old cosplayer who's been recreating my favorite characters since I was 12! Anime is LIFE!! Without a doubt, my favorite anime is Pokémon and my favorite mon is Eevee. If I were from any Pokémon region, I'd probably be from Kanto and I'd be a fire-type trainer! If you want to see what I'm up to, check out: Pandora's Funbox.

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