The Moons of Jupiter: Angel [EP Review]

Band/Artist: The Moons of Jupiter
Release House: Independent
Genre: Electropop/Darkwave
One Sentence Synopsis: From the upcoming album The Moons of Jupiter.
Series: Standalone
Single/EP/Album: EP
Release Date: December 22nd, 2023
Estimated Length: 26 minutes
MSRP: £4 ($5 US)
Website: Click Here
Trailer/Video: Click Here
Purchase Site: Click Here
Reviewed by: Reverend Leviathan
Final Score: 4.5 Moons (out of 5)


Hitting the scene with their first EP Ghosts in August of 2023, the electropop duo The Moons of Jupiter (James Harris on vocals and Nicky Rowe on programming) hit us with another EP four months later entitled Angel. Following in the footsteps of the previous release, the listener can prepare for some classic sounding electronic music!


Brilliant Moon Award

The electronic soundscape along with James Harris’s vocals take the listener on a journey into love, gratitude and peace of mind. The title track opens strong with the 80’s electronic element, very well produced and mixed (It appears again later, slightly modified with the title “Tenshi”). The programming done by Nicky Rowe captures the mood and lyrics so well that the spirit of electropop thrives under great production and equipment (or just when you actually know what you’re doing).


Once again the electronic sound from the 80’s has been captured. They did an amazing job at having each of the songs at different moods and tempos as well. You notice the change going straight from “Angel” into “Sanctuary.” And when “Beautiful Life” started I noticed a change in the pattern as well, going out of the dance mood and more into the darkwave. Then later you get hit with the surprising instrumental track “GÖBekli Tepe” that has more of an ambient influence than the rest of the EP. Overall a very pleasant listening experience that will give the listener the urge to move, but also to meditate. The production and mixing done on each song was almost to the point of mesmerizing at times.

The Moons of Jupiter (Left: Nicky Rowe, Right: James Harris)

Audience Fit

For fans of anything involving synthesizers, electropop and British darkwave. And especially for lovers of the 80’s electronic music sound.

Closing Thoughts

The Moons of Jupiter have teased us with another EP in preparation for their debut album, and after hearing both Ghosts and Angel all I can say is I’m ready for that LP! 

Theme: 4.0 Moons (out of 5.0)

Presentation: 4.5 Moons (out of 5.0)

Audience Fit: 5.0 Moons (out of 5.0)

Final Score (not an average): 4.5 Moons (out of 5.0)

Score: Four point five moons

Author: Reverend Leviathan

Reverend Leviathan is the Music & Media Editor at DarkestGoth Magazine. He has been part of the Gothic community since his high school years. He released an album in 2008 entitled "Eden's Graveyard," and in 2022 released "Vampire Friar." He has also self-published a book, Gothlic: The Testimony of a Catholic Goth. He specializes in music (Goth, ambient, industrial, horror punk and doom metal) and independent films. You can follow him at If you have questions about having your music or media reviewed or featured at DarkestGoth, you can email Reverend Leviathan directly. (Not all music or media will be eligible for coverage by DGM, due to its style or the current knowledge base of DGM staff. If your media is accepted, we are currently estimating a 90-120 day turnaround for reviews and/or other coverage, so please plan requests accordingly.)

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