I Dream of LCTC: Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2024 [ARTICLE]

You never know who will pop out at you at this place!

You never know who will pop out at you at this place!

This last weekend found the lengthy halls and vast rooms of Rupp Arena in downtown Lexington, Kentucky filled with the occasional person in plain clothing, but mostly costumes and cosplays worn by people of all ages attending the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention.

This year’s heavy cosplay presences seemed to be Anime/Manga, Star Wars, Mario Brothers and characters from the show Hazbin Hotel. Mingled with these themes were lots of creative and more obscure cosplays which were fun to try to suss out where they came from.

Whether it was parents taking their children (or the other way around), first time attendees, die hard con goers or curiosity seekers, everyone seemed to be really having a good time.

Suggested for first time goers, in my opinion would be Friday and Sundays. Saturday was beyond crazy and could be quite overwhelming to some.

The LCTC (Lexington Comic and Toy Convention) did a wonderful job of separating areas so visitors knew where to go. The escalators had employees at the top and the bottom who could tell you where things were if you got lost, and usually had a smile, compliment or a greeting. On the first floor was where you went to get autographs/meet/greets and some photo opportunities with special guests. There was also a huge LCTC merch booth and snack stand.

Between the first and second floors were a series of steps which were a welcome relief to those that needed to rest for a minute after walking around. Panels, and more photo opportunities, game and cosplay rooms and the hallway to the food court were on the second floor as well as more bench seating for tired bodies.

The third floor was registration and the huge vendor hall where you could find anything from unlimited soda, original artists, comic books, graphic novels, crystals, jewelry, chocolate and treats as well as booths where you could get a picture on a land speeder, Appa from The Last Airbender, meet a ghost buster or talk to wonderful people like the folks at “Cosplay for a Cause.”

I went Friday and Saturday this year and didn’t get bored once. Though I am one that prefers to meet people rather than celebrities and just love to walk around aimlessly and see what there is to see.

After walking around for hours it was nice to go outside and get a breath of fresh air. Down the street, across from Victorian Square is a fantastic little coffee house called The Creature’s Cauldon. My friends and I went down there for a hot beverage, snack and took time to peruse the connected shop next door that sold rocks, crystals, jewelry, books, herbs and all sorts of fun knick knacks. There are plenty of places to relax and get food near Rupp Arena, but the food court did a great job of providing delicious food for con goers.

My recommendations for the event are to make sure that if you go multiple days, get all your passes on the first day so you don’t have to wait in line every day to get them. If you have a weapon to check, make sure you get there as early as possible so you don’t have to stand in line for a long time. Be prepared for parking costs from $25 – $30 in the lot across from Rupp Arena. Hydrate and make sure to bring a snack with you. Security will check your bags, so make sure you check the website before bringing something you might have to take back to your car. If you are one of those cosplayers that have super sexy shoes that are going to hurt your feet after a few hours, make sure to pack comfortable ones in your car so you can change out and get to enjoy the rest of your day. Bringing a foldable backpack or travel bag is good, especially if you expect to make purchases. Having everything in one bag is so much more convenient than a bunch of little ones.

Ask the guards or employees where the obscure bathrooms are. The staff did a heck of a job keeping the busy ones clean, but they still ended up running out of toilet paper and supplies, and by the end of the weekend, really needed some attention.

Most of all, bring your best attitude. We all go there to have fun in our own ways, whatever they may be. In my experience, if you go in with having a good time and enjoying yourself, that rubs off on others and we all have fun!

I’m looking forward to next year already!

Author: Jennifer Noran

When I am not working at my full time job as a graphic artist for the state of Kentucky or contributing to DGM, you will find me at cosplay events, working in my yard, going on adventures, geocaching, traveling, spending time with friends and learning new things to better myself and my surroundings. My Great Gramma said the way to a long life is to always keep learning and adventuring...and I intend to do just that!

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