The New Congress has Arrived: Let the Games Begin [GAME PRESS RELEASE]


Agenda Game Pokes Fun At Pollitics and GovernmentsDALLAS, TX – For anyone who has ever wanted to throw their hat in the political ring or then again just play at being a politician now they’ll have the chance…right in their own living room with The Agenda Game .

You’re a staunch Libertarian? Prove it. Or a Moralist? Make the case.

The board game pits friends, family and political wonks against each other to see who can raise enough money, lift opinions in the polls and earn enough votes to successfully defend their agenda. But watch out, along the way you’ll have to test your political knowledge, frame agenda planks and steer clear of propaganda and back-handed deals.

Welcome to the world of American politics where everyone has an agenda. The Agenda Game will introduce you to the political theater all around us. In this game you choose an Agenda with seven different planks your constituents want to implement. The object is to be the first player to have enough money and votes to implement one or more planks of your platform. Along the way there is political humor, trivia and a few scandals which might derail your candidacy. Jump in and learn the fun and fantastic game of American politics in the game called AGENDA.

“Nearly everyone has strong opinions about politics, so we wanted to give people a chance to put their money where their mouth is, so to speak, and laugh a lot in the process,” says The Agenda Game Creator Mary Russell. “It’s so much more than a board game, it’s an evening’s worth of entertainment and friendly sparring right in your own home.”

The game begins with each player choosing a persona, such as Conservative or Environmentalist, complete with a set of agenda “planks” specific to each. Add to that $500,000 in seed money and a flat 50 approval rating at the polls. From there, players travel around the pitfall-laden road that is politics on The Hill – from buying a politician to being exposed for sex tapes – and test their political knowledge with the object being to win over “the public” in votes, polls, funds and successful planks to Defend Your Agenda.

Be a political character with your own agenda:

  • 7 player types to choose from
  • Buy your own media and use it for negative or positive messaging
  • Buy your own politician and pull the strings of the lobbyist
  • Collect enough money and votes to install your own AGENDA

“There’s nothing more funny and intense than watching yourself go up and down in the polls – even if on a little plastic version of the polls – it brings out the fierce, ruthless politician in all of us,” added Russell.

The Agenda Game is sold online via and on for $34.99. 

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