Skeleton Keys: New Vamplified Album [MUSIC PRESS RELEASE]

VAMPLIFIED: “Skeleton Keys” is a new Goth instrumental release featuring nothing more than bare bones “rattling the keys” musical compositions. All songs written and recorded by Karen St. Claire.

“Skeleton Keys’ hails from the somberly divulged territory of ambient instrumental music – an aesthetically challenging station to occupy; but Vamplified paints atmospheres with instruments so well we’ve become believers.’- The Akademia

The featured 10 song release “Skeleton Keys” is the first bare bones recording of it’s kind from Vamplified sans the collaborative efforts of other musicians…


“That can change”, says the Gothic songstress who goes on to say “This was just some piano ideas I put together for now and released as an instrumental. The low budget featured “Psychopath” video is a basic rendering of a quick sketch storyboard. The pix in the video slide show, courtesy Creative Commons interweave with some of my own work as a Goth model. I’ve actually written lyrics and vocal melody for most of these songs and some of them are destined as part of a Goth concept album I’ve written. When I mean concept album look at Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, The Who’s “Tommy”, and Queensryche’s “Operation Mindcrime.” All three are great examples of the term ‘concept album’ as they have a story to tell. As far as ‘Skeleton Keys’ goes, raw instrumental music has its place, so I intend to keep this release as well. As some consider this work of art a ‘sneak preview’, others consider it licensable background music.”

Stay tuned for more…

About The Band:

Vamplified features Gothic and Hard Rock Music for your listening pleasure. Featuring president Karen St. Claire, producer and songstress, along with a collaborative artist community which highlights like minded musicians, photographers, graphic designers, sound engineers, all coming together to enhance the “Vamplified” experience.

Band YouTube Page: Click Here 

Author: Karen "Neckromance" St. Claire

As dusk approaches the painted misted sky, the ancient mystical keepers of hidden knowledge transcend the veil. Contrary to legendary belief, while shape-shifting into materialization, a mirror of reflection appears yet remains mysteriously cloaked. In outward appearance of tangible flesh and blood, these ethereal beings appear to be directed by the standard natural laws of the universe, yet they are shed of earthbound shackles. With infinite freedom to move swiftly between inter-dimensional worlds, they remain invisible, only to be recognized by a fellow master crafter. Together in alliance they arrive to rock your world!

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  1. I enjoy concept art, so this is pretty interesting to me. Can see this being used for film soundtracks as well, has a nice feel to it.

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