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FireflyReign: Dark Sparkles [MODEL GALLERY]

I’ve been trying out and playing with how different glitter & makeup looks, as well as becoming constantly frustrated with my wardrobe and having to make things.

In frustration, comes madness. I try and make my madness beautiful.


Weighing in at about 300 lbs, Ethel Janoski won’t allow anyone to stand in the way of her glutinous appetite, even if it means killing! After years in a mental institution, Ethel is taken in by her aunt. Many people, including the head nurse of the institution and a local detective, believe letting Ethel leave that hospital was a huge mistake.

Skeleton Keys: New Vamplified Album [MUSIC PRESS RELEASE]

VAMPLIFIED: “Skeleton Keys” is a new Goth instrumental release featuring nothing more than bare bones “rattling the keys” musical compositions. All songs written and recorded by Karen St. Claire.

Old Hollywood Chic: The Art of Casting a Glamour [ARTICLE]

The art of Casting a Glamour is an Old Hollywood term that is common lingo for movie stars, runway models, and the music industry. It is the art of illusionary magic. Some say love is an illusion, life is an illusion, death is an illusion, so why not add in the art of filming into the spectrum? 

ScareFest Rebirth: 11th Annual ScareFest [EVENT GALLERY]

ScareFest Rebirth marks the 11th annual ScareFest, the famed horror/paranormal convention held in Lexington, KY.  This year’s extra special guest was none other than Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira.  Fans and cosplayers from around the country gathered together once again to meet their favorite celebrities, musicians and paranormal investigators.  We got some of our best pictures yet.

Tetragrammaton [ALBUM REVIEW]

From the southern US and Finland, Temple of Perdition was formed in 2017 with one sole purpose: To bring the listener into the black mire of the void while reflecting upon the portrait of their existence. They have managed to bring a variety of styles and sounds into a heavy mix of doom, Gothic, symphonic and atmospheric black metal that is sure to appease an array of different listeners. Tetragrammaton is the band’s debut album, and even before its release it’s already gained much attention from the scene, especially from certain Christians who are condemning it for “Satanic imagery” and “q

KAREN ST. CLAIRE: Embracing Your Dark Side [ARTICLE]

The term “Goth” already rings a dark resonance of tubular bells, dark skies, and decaying abandoned churches in a remote countryside for the imagination gone wild. The children of the night, the dark souls that roam this earth, crawl out of the woodwork from their graffiti smeared tunnels and crumbling crypts which are just mere expressions of their sanctified comfort zones.

FireflyReign: Witch in the World [ARTICLE]

An essay about strange things that peak my interest–but then I’m strange. Weird and strange is natural.

Star Wars: Thrawn: Alliances [BOOK REVIEW]

After the events of the first book, which showed Thrawn‘s rise to power in almost a Sherlock Holmes-style narrative, as well as the events in Rebels: Season 3, which saw him trying (and failing) to remove the threat the rebels posed to the Empire, Thrawn: Alliances sets up a quest that Palpatine sends both Thrawn and Vader on to a distant part of the galaxy.

Anomaly 88 [ALBUM REVIEW]

The Underground Avengers, or UGA, is a rap supergroup made up of underground favorites Bukshot, Claas and Boondox. First formed as a project in 2012 the group released a self-titled EP; no real intentions of releasing anything else. However, after a surprise concert earlier this year the group received recognition and was signed to Majik Ninja Entertainment. Anomaly 88 is UGA’s first album on MNE.

Gencon XXV: A New Virgin! [ARTICLE]

Gencon, the best four days of gaming. My home turf. It feels funny calling it that, when only last year I brought you an article as my experience as a Gencon virgin. That’s one of the magical things about Gencon, the moment you get there, you feel a sense of kinship, of belonging. The air buzzes with geekery and fandom, and you feel home.