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Key to the Mint: A Godless Line [ALBUM REVIEW]

Hailing from Cleveland, OH, Key to the Mint is a post-punk/new wave band that formed in early 2015 out of the defunct shoegaze/noise band Privacy//Policy. Former members of P//P, Rich Kundracik and John Alexander, joined with vocalist Joel Anger and developed their previous post-punk sound into the more melodic new wave. A Godless Line is the group’s sophomore release.

Verdict on Crimson Fields: World of Prime #4 [BOOK REVIEW]

After realizing the portal to earth can’t be achieved at the level of prophet unless he has no interest in returning to Prime, Christopher elects to stay behind so that he can raise himself to the highest level of tael user when he can open a portal that goes two ways to the realm of man. But to do that he’ll have to prove to the current king that he’s not a traitor due to the alliances he made with the Ulven Men and Elves…


Heavy metal Gothic music video with coverage taken in New Orleans. Featured model

Judgment at Verdant Court: World of Prime #3 [BOOK REVIEW]

After The mother of a dead Druid shows up at his base of operations, Christopher is forced to agree to track down an old friend who killed her daughter. With the help of her tracker son, D’Kan (that Christopher had resurrected against his people’s wishes), they mount an expedition into the darkest reaches of the wilderness. Cannan—the fugitive being sought—had been Christopher’s loyal protector until he had been gifted a black-infused ring which preyed upon him and twisted him to the dark side. If they can track him down and keep him alive long enough to remove the ring, only the unlikely…

Raven Moonlight: Spotlight Article [ARTICLE/GALLERY]

When you come across Raven, it’s hard to not be drawn to her. It isn’t just the striking blue eyes that seem to see right into you, but her poise and confidence sets her apart immediately. When DGM’s editor offered me the opportunity to interview Raven for a spotlight article, I leapt at the chance.

Gold Throne in Shadow: World of Prime #2 [BOOK REVIEW]

After dying at the hands of mysterious torturers and being brought back to life by a Saint of the Lady, Christopher finds himself required to prove himself to the King with a new assignment. The exploration of this assignment reveals more fully the presence of different color powers that are at war with the White throughout the kingdom and beyond, most notably the greed-run Yellow church and a black-aligned Sorcerer.

The Sword of the Bright Lady: World of Prime #1 [BOOK REVIEW]

When Christopher Sinclair—a mechanical engineer from Arizona—wakes up in a medieval society on another planet in the distant post-apocalyptic future, he at first believes he’s going mad. However, the more he tries to fight the realization, the more the reality of his straits sink in.

Unable to speak the native language, despite being surrounded by other humans, he quickly errs by enraging a mystic nobleman who has the right to claim his head. When the mysterious Church of the Bright Lady intervene on a technicality, he’s given the choice between ignominious death or going on a spirit quest…

Alexxandro65 Photography: Lovely Creature [PHOTOGRAPHER GALLERY]

Shooting with model, Veronika. Shot by an abandoned stone quarry near my home town. Lovely wandering creature…

Phill Knight Photography: Snow White [PHOTOGRAPHER GALLERY]

This was probably my favorite shoot of last year, Millie was great to work with and the images so easy to work on. Corpse Bride shoot is now planned with Millie so results will be here soon!

Blood Orbit [BOOK REVIEW]

When a rookie cop named Eric Matheson shows up on the corporately held world of Gattis, he wanders into a brutal slaughter that could destroy two of the three native races of Gattis if it’s mysterious circumstances aren’t solved in a single week.

To prevent corporately motivated genocide, he’s forced to team up with a cybernetically enhanced investigator named Inspector J.P. Dillal. Unfortunately, his native birth and unholy technology make him a pariah to the others in the police force, while his mixed racial background make him an outcast to the native populations.