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Nuclear Sunrise [ALBUM REVIEW]

Hand of Fire was formed in 2010 by vocalist Jim Settle as just a project. After a variation of members the band finally started in 2015 consisting of Jim Settle (vocals), Tiago Souza (guitars), Tom Eaton (bass), and Bill Davies (drums). Their debut album, originally titled Let the Killings Begin, was set for release in December of 2016. After much delay and anticipation the album finally dropped with the new title Nuclear Sunrise.

Transience [ALBUM REVIEW]

The name Frozen Ocean brings with it many things. Some may say “atmospheric black metal,” while others say “dark ambient” or just simply “black metal.” In all honesty it depends on which release you’ve heard. Regardless, the name is well known in all of these genres, and now the mind behind this project, Vaarwel, is offering this compilation FREE to those who wish to discover more.

Beyond Redemption [ALBUM REVIEW]

I am very particular when it comes to rap music, and this being only the second rap album that I’ve reviewed should speak volumes about how I feel about this artist and release. Beyond Redemption is Lex the Hex Master’s second LP, and after the success of Contact and his EPs many fans anticipated this album’s release. It finally dropped on Halloween!

Gothic Scene In A Small Town: My Personal Experience of an Historical Dark Club. [ARTICLE]

What about gothic scene in little towns? Near my hometown there is Condor Club for every damed soul of Emilia. Condor Club is an historical dark club that was in Modena and now it’s in Rubiera.


Though this film has been out for fourteen years now, I had only heard of it a couple years ago.  It was described to me as “legendary” and many reviews described it as being the “worst film ever made.”  Being a fan of independent, B films and critically-panned movies I decided I had to check it out and throw in my two cents as well, as we’re coming upon the release of The Disaster Artist, a film that is about the making of The Room.

ScareFest X VIP Party: Through the Eyes of a Con Virgin [EVENT ARTICLE]

I’m a Con virgin. I never considered myself nerdy enough to attend any Comic or whatever conventions, despite being a huge sucker for cosplay. So, when Darkest Goth asked me to cover the Lexington ScareFest X VIP party, I was only mildly excited at first.