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Angelspit: Bang Operative

Band/Artist: Angelspit Release House: Black Pill Red Pill Genre:...

The Oddities Flea Market: The Goths Invade LA [EVENT ARTICLE]

The Oddities Flea Market was held over the weekend of Rocktober 5th and 6th. As DarkestGoth Girl 2019, I decided to attend and take in the activities. What a fascinating find. Right dead smack in the middle of LA, a few blocks from “Skid Row”, is a diamond in the haystack called “The Globe Theater.”

In 1913, The Globe Theater, a performing arts center, opened it’s doors and now is the oldest functioning theater on Downtown LA’s Broadway Street. This 27,000 square foot historic landmark is full of plush grandeur and is true to it’s time (forget finding an elevator, use the stairs).

Karen St. Claire: Prison Warden [SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

In San Quentin Prison, it was announced today that the first woman to become warden is now ruling over the facility. The California state prison incarcerates the most ruthless convicts in the state. In a government assignment to make the prisoners more docile, the state officials have complied with new documentation from an in-depth scientific study. A psychological research team from Harvard University proved that effects of the brain waves on hard core criminals is more serene when the presence of a woman is taking control.

Candlemass: The Door to Doom [ALBUM REVIEW]

Band/Artist: Candlemass Release House: Napalm Records Genre: Doom Metal One...

Scary Movie Night: Queen of the Damned [DVD/BLU-RAY REVIEW]

Get ready for a fang’tastic hard rockin’ time as vampire turned rockstar, L’Estat (Stuart Townsend), has risen from his New Orleans crypt after 100 years of sleep. His motive is to resurrect a few old friends….daring them to “Come out come out, wherever you are… See you all in Death Valley.”

Amaranth Cosplay: Bowsette Faces Gen Con [EVENT GALLERY]

Bowsette takes on Gen Con 2019 and she’s gonna pick a battle with a lot of people and franchises! Model Amaranth Cosplay guest stars with photoshoot by Goth Viking Photography!

Karen St. Claire: The Countess [SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

I’ll take your life-force
I’ll take your life-force
In exchange
For eternity
In exchange
For eternal life

Scary Movie Night: Fallen [DVD/BLU RAY REVIEW]

John Hobbes (Denzel Washington) is a Philadelphia murder detective who is responsible for supplying pertinent evidence which in turn is bringing justice to a close for serial killer Edgar Reese (Elias Koteas), who is sentenced to die in the gas chamber. The condemned murderer leaves cryptic coded hints behind in riddle form before his last dance with death. The detective soon discovers a diabolical copycat killer. He then begins studying the mysterious clues left behind from his last conversation with Reese, just moments before his execution.