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Karen St. Claire: Paul Stanley Backstage Pass [ARTICLE]

DGM Spokemodel 2019, Karen St. Claire, Gets a Backstage Pass from Paul Stanley. The meet and greet took place at Barnes and Noble in Los Angeles and they spoke briefly about her recording studio experience involving Paul through the nature of cause and effect. She chuckled at his remark.

The Dark Passenger [USER VIDEO]

A dark wiccan ride share driver tales her accounts of abusive, entitle riders who harass and belittle her while taking those clients on their journey. In the end she always gets her spiritual revenge. Film has just released on Amazon Prime!

Conscience of the King [BOOK REVIEW]

Imagine being a young man—yes, on the planet, Equus, 100 is young— content with your role as a quantum computational genius and teacher of kindergartners, and suddenly, on that 100th natal day, being declared, without warning or recourse, the absolute ruler of a sprawling galactic alliance faced with a deadly threat. Ah’Krill Ardenai Morningstar—until that fateful morning Ah’rane Ardenai Krush—has, following 700 years of rule by the priestesses of the Great House—risen to become the Thirteenth Dragonhorse, the only secular ruler the Affined Equi Worlds and the Seventh Galactic Alliance will…

Karen St. Claire: Witch Doctor Warzone [SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

As the earth cleanses itself from pollution and climate change, a tattered and torn witchdoctor warrior is spotted holding a staff to signal her victory.

Skald In Veum: Stridslysten [ALBUM REVIEW]

Blackened Scandinavian metal band Skald In Veum hit the scene hard, turned many heads and had even more banging with their debut release 1260 Days in 2015. Four years later, the band finally released their long-anticipated sophomore album, Stridslysten, with a LIMITED CD release, so get one while you still can!

Karen St. Claire: Opium Flower [SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

Hidden deep within the caverns of the Mojave Desert lies a territorial vampire clan. As descendants of Europe, this banded group of traveling ancients remain hidden from the outside world for preservation of their species.

In a remotely quiet area, paranormal activity runs rampant as top-secret subsidiary military air force bases of the Area 51 project are spread amongst the barren desert land.

Once a year, if the annual winter rains choose to appear, it is a sure sign that the spring poppy fields are about to go into bloom.


The Akademia Awards asked Vamplified to come forth this year and give an awards acceptance speech. Last year “Skeleton Keys” won an award in instrumental music. Vamplified’s rock ballad, “Quicksand” also made it to the #1 chart position for both Hot XM and Star 100 Radio. Karen St. Claire, president of Vamplified speaks candidly about The Akademia. Winning in instrumental music she adds a surprising twist into the speech as she sings a diddly, acapella style from a 20 year recollection. This year she won an “Executive Award” in Rock.

Twiztid: Generation Nightmare [ALBUM REVIEW]

Underground hip-hop duo Twiztid spent a year preparing their fans for the release of Generation Nightmare. With a number of singles hitting the digital media outlets, Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child showed their fans just how versatile they can be, and announced to the world that “we are the nightmare children.”


Killstar Haul!!! We shall find out how good the quality of the items are and if it was really worth the purchase.


I went to Paige Pederzani Photography in March. I wanted to let my Gothic Lolita shine and feel spooky cute!