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Exposing Skeletons with Reverend Leviathan: Alla Xul Elu (A.X.E.) [INTERVIEW]

Alla Xul Elu, or A.X.E. for short, is a horrorcore rap group from Ohio, consisting of three members: Billy Obey, Joe Black, and Lee Carver. At AXEmas 3 in Dayton this year, I was lucky enough to pull them aside for a few minutes, and needless to say it was just as I expected.

Exposing Skeletons with Reverend Leviathan: The Anix [INTERVIEW]

Recently I had the pleasure of conversing with Brandon Smith, the mastermind behind the electronic rock project, The Anix. This year he signed to FiXT Music and released his newest studio album Shadow_Movement.

Karen St. Claire: Paranormal Research Public Records [SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

Dedicated to St. Roch, patron saint of healing against the plague and in this case during the Louisiana yellow fever epidemic… this cemetery, chapel and shrine is located off the beaten path in a quiet little area about 10 minutes outside of the French Quarter. At the paranormal division of the historical registry in New Orleans, it is noted that there are ‘sightings’ of a female sanguinary templar vampire that roams the area. She appears in human form and then vanishes into thin air. Caught on instant camera, a timeframe spanning from 1947 to 1961, she appears again and again…

FireflyReign: Broken [MODEL GALLERY]

Adventures are fun. Especially when you find places to take photos.  Like broken rocks from some old building.

Glory Days (Book Review)

Peter Aloysha Aaron is a young man desperately trying to find himself. Born illegitimately in Russia, Peter can’t remember his early years, except by terrible nightmares that plague him and lure him back into a terrible trauma that he has no real memory of – trauma inflicted while he and his mother were held prisoner by the Germans. Rescued by his father at a young age, Peter was then raised in Hollywood with all of the glamour and extravagance that came with the Hollywood scene.

Lana Blac: Nocturnal [ALBUM REVIEW]

I was completely unfamiliar with Lana Blac until I saw her perform at Fright Fest 15. After an awesome performance she hooked me up with a t shirt and CD. Drawing musical inspiration from Gothic metal and shock rock, the vampiress has hit the scene hard, heavy and bloody with her debut album, Nocturnal.

Karen St. Claire: Jackal’N the Ripper [SPOKESMODEL ELECT GALLERY]

In the Warehouse District of Old Saint Louis, Jackal’N strikes again! Traipsing through Benton Park in bent-minded bloodlust attack, the ripper glides past the old warehouse district and continues on past the Historic Lemp Mansion. In 1980, Life Magazine deemed the Lemp Mansion as “One of the 10 most haunted places in America”. With a reputed count of four on-site suicides within the royal family, a pedigree bloodline whose reputation grew decadently rich in pioneering the brewery world, the legend lives on. Maybe these ghosts that haunt this traumatically notorious hotspot are stirring up som

The Audience Is VAMPLIFIED: Crowning the 2019 Darkest Goth Girl [SPOTLIGHT/ANNOUNCEMENT]

The 2019 DarkestGoth Spokesmodel search has been one of the most robust in our history, as finalists were challenged not only to submit galleries, articles, and videos, but also to promote their work and show that they were community minded in the process.

At the end of the search, one contestant perpetually worked their butt off and pushed the envelope.  And even when confusion and miscommunication arose, they pushed through and corrected the issues as speedily as could’ve been expected!

Karen St. Claire: The Haunted Carnival [MODEL GALLERY]

STEP RIGHT UP! Welcome to the Haunted Carnival of Lost Souls! On such a beautiful bright and sunshiny day, it is the perfect time to ring in the season of Trick or Treat! In this world of grandiose mystery and imagination, what on earth could possibly go wrong? As the afternoon sun sets from dusk to the dark of the night a mischievous reverse spin of the carousel takes on a life of its own. As the demon awakes in the cloak of the darkest hour, a haunted sinister possession takes control…. All aboard!…Hold on tight and enjoy the ride! Bwahahahahaha!!!!

FireflyReign: Dark Sparkles [MODEL GALLERY]

I’ve been trying out and playing with how different glitter & makeup looks, as well as becoming constantly frustrated with my wardrobe and having to make things.

In frustration, comes madness. I try and make my madness beautiful.


Weighing in at about 300 lbs, Ethel Janoski won’t allow anyone to stand in the way of her glutinous appetite, even if it means killing! After years in a mental institution, Ethel is taken in by her aunt. Many people, including the head nurse of the institution and a local detective, believe letting Ethel leave that hospital was a huge mistake.