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There Was Death [ALBUM REVIEW]

After two experimental/ambient albums, UK doom metal band My Silent Wake releases their first metal album since Damnatio Memoriae (2015). Set for a release sometime in mid-February, There Was Death will be the band’s tenth studio album, and contains some of their heaviest stuff to date with guest doom metal legend Greg Chandler of Esoteric, providing some growls and additional keys.

The Day the City Shook: Chapter 7 [SERIAL]

Kehailan just stood there, looking at the empty spot in the docking ring and shaking his head. “Of course you know without any shadow of a doubt who took it,” he said irritably.

“Did I say that?” the man in the adjutant’s uniform asked, his eyes, his voice, his attitude all proclaiming his contempt for Kee’s defense of his father. “All I said was, the only fugitive we have who is intelligent enough to fly a prototype clipper is Ardenai Firstlord.”

The Hunted: Encore [SERIES REVIEW]

Megan is a vampire hunter, and teamed up with the bumbling Ned, the half-breed Andrew and a few others, they look to take down the bloodsuckers, but not before busting a move or breaking into song!

A Brilliant Monster [INDIE FILM REVIEW]

Mitch Stockridge is a best-selling author of motivational self-help books. Everyone wants to know where he gets his inspiration? Once people start coming up missing, all last seen with the author, a detective becomes suspicious when an ex-girlfriend claims he has a “monster” in his house that he feeds these people to and in return gets his inspiration for his books. Just an ex trying to damage his reputation with crazy stories, or is it something worse?

The Day the City Shook: Chapter 6 [SERIAL]

Squire Fidel squirmed uncomfortably under those electric blue eyes. “I’m sorry,” he said again, desperately hoping to sound sincere, “but what can I do? He was here, I swear he was. My men will tell you he was here.”

“Yet no one saw him … bleed, but you?” Konik sounded scornful. “Very thin, don’t you agree? You have not one shred, not a single shred of evidence to back up your story. Perhaps you are a spy, paid to confuse us in our search for this man.”

Melinoe Immortal: Sirenia [MODEL GALLERY]

For centuries, when lives were lost at sea the Sirens were blamed. Using their magical powers they would lure unsuspecting sailors to their deaths on the rocks. While these stories  have passed into mythology, sailors are still lost at sea today and sometimes, there is no answer. The ocean is a big place, and who’s to say that the Sirens are not out there?

The Day the City Shook: Chapter 5 [SERIAL]

“Two down, one to go,” Sarkhan muttered, pushing over the queen on his chessboard. “I like the rumor I hear. I especially like the one about Ardenai doing away with the lady Io. Somehow I doubted he would.”

“Apparently he did, though. I didn’t do it,” said Konik, who was sitting opposite him at the small table.

Lady Chapell: Sunflower Red Girl [MODEL GALLERY]

The gallery is featuring Lady Chapell in a sunflower field in Mason, Ohio capturing the sunflowers with a surreal sunset that is perfect for Goths alike.

Haunted History of the Old West’s Wicked Ladies & The Bad Hombres They Loved [BOOK REVIEW]

The Old West was known for its gunslingers, lawmen and of course the soiled doves that made a living in the many brothels that were found in all the frontier and mining towns, that were established to entertain all the tough men that flocked to these lawless places. It’s not surprising that many of these shady ladies do not lie quiet in their graves. The heartbreak and sorrow known only to them, tied them to this earth forever. These are some of their stories.

Amaranth Cosplay: Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Conquers more of Gencon [MODEL GALLERY]

I made this gallery because JT Hanke (of Goth Viking Photography) took so many amazing photos, I couldn’t believe it and had to show you more. These are the photos that maybe didn’t have the perfect place to go in my Gen Con article, but I can’t stand the thought of not sharing with you!

The Day The City Shook: Chapter 4 [SERIAL]

He was scarcely in a position to be recognized as noble, but Ardenai was getting his traveling legs under him and cultivating a close-cropped beard to hide his sharp featured, too-easily- recognized face. He took his papers from the man who had stamped them, put his knapsack over his shoulder, and ambled onto the largely featureless street of a sprawling agricultural outpost in sector six.