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Lady Chapell: Goddess of the Hunt [MODEL GALLERY]

This gallery features Lady Chapell as the “Goddess of the Hunt” by photographer Candid Kama Photography, headpiece designer by Gillian Gross, and Hair and Makeup Artist by The Lovely Camillion. Every woman should feel like a goddess in their own right.

Mandala Madness: Madness at Dusk [MODEL GALLERY]

Gorgeous alternative model with vivid tattoos brilliant makeup stunning curves and a personality to match.

Darken Your Doorstep [ALBUM REVIEW]

Like Nosferatu from his coffin, horror punk rocker Argyle Goolsby (former Blitzkid frontman) has risen once more to give us Darken Your Doorstep, the long awaited album since the release of his compilation, Saturnalia of the Accursed.

Modified Rabbit: Big Top Showman [MODEL GALLERY]

This is a gallery showcasing Modified Rabbit at the recent DarkestGoth Cirque de Monstre’s event as a Big Top Ringleader. Photographer is DarkestGoth Photography.

SCI FI HORROR SH*T SHOW album preview (User Submitted Video)

SCI FI HORROR SHIT SHOW is a story told in sound, blending various electronic genres such as noise, glitch, ambient, pop, and industrial, composed and produced by Seattle-based independent artist HIMITSU.
Check out the artist’s website for more information, and preview or purchase the full album at (During this year, all Fanclub supporters will get the entire library of HIMITSU’s music plus future releases for the year.)

A Southern Gothic Outlook: Light and Obscurity [ARTICLE]

“If you believe in light, it is because of obscurity. If you believe in joy, it is because of sadness, And if you believe in God, its because of the Devil.”
What is the biggest challenge facing the Gothic Family?