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Darkness Unbound #1: Lady in Black [BOOK REVIEW]

Detective Drake is investigating ritualistic murders. Aided by an old friend and nun, Sister Marian, he attempts to track down this supernatural killer while she does everything in her power to overcome her fears and gain the faith needed to finally put an end to a demonic entity.

Redrawing Gender Boundaries: How Wonder Woman’s Box Office could help change Hollywood [EDITORIAL/ARTICLE]

Many of our Goth Family know that I fight fiercely for the empowerment of women, not by diminishing men, but by arguing for the simple removal of artificial gender barriers like the glass ceiling and other cultural artifacts from the past. Without these barriers, the best person will (or at least, has a chance to) win out. We now are in a position where we can all help tear down these barriers and I believe it’s our duty to do so!

Melinoe Immortal: Death is Just the Beginning [MODEL GALLERY]

An abandoned, giant cross in the middle of a field. What purpose could it serve? Who built it? A monument to death, and a meditation to death.


The lives of several people take a terrifying turn after discovering the attic in an old house with a mysterious past. No one knows what’s in the attic, but you can be sure that what follows after the open house is nothing short of suspenseful.