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Flames of Genesis: Interstellar Transmigration Part 1: A Bridge to Further Realms [ALBUM REVIEW]

Nameless and faceless, The Voyager has come upon us with his dark ambient soundscape: Flames of Genesis. Chilling sounds and droning noises; seven soundtracks take the listener beyond that dark expanse we call “space” into the realm of Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge to Further Realms.

The Day The City Shook: Chapter 2 [SERIAL]

“Will you please hurry up?” Ardenai commanded, no less urgently than he’d spoken to his mount, and the narrow yellow eyes of the old doctor above him grew narrower yet. “Well, you’re about the slowest thing on this planet, Pythos!”

“Sstop it!” the creature hissed, and his long tongue darted in annoyance. “Go to ssleep as thee was insstructed to do.” He rattled his scales as if shaking Ardenai off his back. “Thee dares to sspeak to me in ssuch a manner? I am appalled.”

Sara Sharp: Goth Glam [MODEL GALLERY]

Photographer Betty Elrod of Betty Elrod Photography. Model Sara Sharp.

The Day The City Shook: Chapter 1 [SERIAL]

On the last morning he awoke as Ah’rane Ardenai Krush, the covers felt good, and he snugged them over one shoulder before checking the motion of his hand to his wife’s side of the bed.  She wasn’t there.  He sighed and forced his thoughts with practiced determination on to other subjects.  No need to run lesson plans through his head.  Today was a school holiday, and he had a meeting of the Educational Council in Thura.  He’d thought about not going, but High Priestess Ah’krill had called the meeting, and one did not refuse such a summons, even if it was one’s birthing day.  He opened his eyes

Briana Sullivan: Dark Mermaid [SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

This gallery features Briana Sullivan as a mermaid queen washed ashore on a New Zealand beach, stranded yet still powerful, she holds the scepter and wears her crown. Stuck in human form until she bathes in the rock pool in the light of a green moon, showing her true form.