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On the Edge: Goths and Bullies [ARTICLE]

Bullying, sociologically speaking, is an unwanted behavior that brings a power imbalance. You are surely bullied if someone spreads rumors about you or attacks you physically or verbally, and you feel excluded by the rest of the group (ex: work team, class, etc). In recent times is born cyber-bullying that takes place using modern technology (ex: creating fake social network profiles, e-mails, text messages, and phone calls). One in every four children is bullied, but in 85% of case, there is no intervention.

Mirabella Von Deuling: Pride and Prejudice Zombies Meets Steven Universe [USER MODEL GALLERY]

The photos were taken at the Cincinnati Symposium and in my crafting room at home. My photographer was Christopher George, a friend and fellow member of Airship Ashanti. A mashup of the Victorian Age intertwined with the carefree humor of Steven Universe. Why do one cosplay when you can do two?

Riccardo Mongiu Photography : She Devil [PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY]

This is a personal journey made of past emotions and feelings that anyone of us, more or less, had in lifetime.
Those strong emotions are the raw material that made the person who I am, and possibly made the person who you are.
These images may look rough, strong, dark, but at the end what we do remember so strongly?

Darkness Unbound #3: Shadow of Death [BOOK REVIEW]

Is an occult killer reaching out from beyond the grave and claiming new victims? Detective Drake revisits a serial killer from his past. Is it a wannabe who is paying tribute to the former murderer, or has his spirit truly possessed someone and is longing to return to his life of killing? Drake fears the latter…

Toxic Techno: Gothic Kitty [MODEL GALLERY]

In this gallery, Toxic Techno is dressed as a Gothic kitty, one of her favorite things to do.

Voodoo Pinky: Connecting to a Love [MODEL GALLERY]

What do you hear when your love speaks from beyond? In this gallery, I explore how confidence and beauty is in us, no matter our size or style. The amazing Laura Dark photography did the photography here.