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Where is the Funeral? How the Color Black Became Associated with Death and Mourning. [SPOKESMODEL ARTICLE]

Where is the funeral? is a question that many Gothic people have been asked while out and about in their Gothic garb. In modern society much of the population considers the color black to be the color of mourning, with entirely black outfits being viewed as funeral attire. Black clothing as the fashion for mourning is not a modern idea. It is routed in western/European tradition beginning as early as the formation of Rome itself and has continued to evolve into the mourning clothes worn in the present day.

Milk Skin Photography: Kali – Liberator of Souls [PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY]

Our Dark Beauty project has shown us some beautiful sites but few as beautiful as Kali, goddess of death portrayed by the lovely Rashi Kukke.

Crystal Lunacy: Fallen Angel [MODEL GALLERY]

Take a trip to the spooky side of elegant, crystal lunacy and witchcraft. Join me on the path to conjuring mystery, romance and enjoy the mystic world of my photography page. Blessed Be

Art by Dave Andre [USER GALLERY]

This artwork was created by Dave Andre, graphic designer at Andre Design. I love getting ideas and opinion about my art. Some work featured here is available to be licensed for CD covers or other uses.