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Katey Rosewater: It’s time for a Shindig [MODEL GALLERY]

When getting ready for a fancy shindig, there is only one dress in the ‘verse to even consider. It must be Kaylee Frye’s pink cupcake dress of doom. I can tell you, you will always be the bell of the ball where ever you go.

Beautiful Nightmares 2: A Midwest Alternative Classic Returns [EVENTS/GALLERY]

This past Friday, alternative people from around the Midwest descended on The Bar Complex in Lexington, KY to see some amazing DJ’ing, to hang out with some awesome hosts, and to have their mind’s blown by spectacular light displays. The joy people felt in the club as they got to come out, let their hair down, and move was a joy to behold!

Interviewing Damage Control: A Global Elektro-Industrial Project [INTERVIEW]

Earlier this summer was the debut album release of “Ultranoia” by Damage Control–a global industrial electronic act on par with Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy and Noise Unit. The release had me totally stoked, as I had been given the privilege to preview the album in its entirety prior to it being released, (which btw is absolutely fantastic and worth every penny, dollar or quid you will spend on it) and, thanks to my backdoor Aussie connection — Bill Barsby, granted a chance to ‘sit down’ with Jason and Damian for an intimate peek into the project.

All These Monsters [ALBUM REVIEW]

Formed in 2016 and hailing from Athens, The Black Capes are a new Gothic rock group brought together by the frontman, Alex S Wamp (formerly of Potergeist). Their debut album, All These Monsters, delivers a dark form of rock that has many people in the Gothic community turning their heads.

CA Photo: Wraith of the Evilness [PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY]

Model Sindrym Anathema and I began coming up with a concept awhile ago. After some discussion she made the head piece in the shoot herself and it turned out stunning. We shot this in a graveyard in rural South Carolina.

Raven Moonlight : Sultress of Night [MODEL GALLERY]

This gallery is showcasing Raven Moonlight at the DarkestGoth Beautiful Nightmare Dance Party 2.  I had so much fun shooting with DarkestGoth Photo at their Green Screen Art Experience. Every time I shoot with them is an amazing experience, and I come out of my shell more and more.