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Lady Chapell: Street Style [MODEL GALLERY]

Street Style can be a lot of things from art to fashion and depending on the location can be exciting.  This style can be in a small town or in the big city.  Most people choose to go to downtown with the hustle and bustle of the atmosphere and the fashion that comes along.  I met Mika-san during a small group shoot in Columbus, Ohio. 

Lady Chapell: The Crow and Her Forest Domain [MODEL GALLERY]

The shoot was taken at a group shoot under ATP Events (now called AC Affairs).  Everything about the shoot was beyond my wildest dreams.  I met Aly (of Aly Issabelle Photography) whose business resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

ModemRaine: Room Service [MODEL GALLERY]

The second part of Modem Raine’s shoot with Goth Viking Photo. “Just a little fun cosplay …. room service anyone? Watch out though …. there’s always a twist! (Or a crop!)”

Katey Rosewater: Merida [MODEL GALLERY]

“I am Merida, First Born Descendant of Clan Dunbroch, and I will be shooting for my own hand.” Brave is one of my favorite Disney movies and cosplaying Merida was a dream come true.  The shoot took place at my family farm, Twin Oaks Farm.  The animals involved were Zorro, my Black Quarter Horse gelding, and Luke, the Puppy.

Modem Raine: Tales from the Creepy Room [MODEL GALLERY]

Modem Raine’s first photoshoot with Goth Viking Photography. We had lots of fun at this shoot in “the creepy room”!!!

Katey Rosewater: Ireea, the Forest Guardian [MODEL GALLERY]

I was inspired by a stretch of woods on my parents farm to create the guardian of the area.  She is what I envision the protector of that span of woods looked like.  I could almost see her sitting the a doe by the creek or feeding a squirrel on a felled tree.  This set was shot by Goth Viking Photography at the 2017 Cirque De Monstres Dance at the Bar Complex in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Day the City Shook: Chapter 10 [SERIAL FINALE]

Ardenai lay on the pile of rags and straw which served for a bed, shivering convulsively, his breath coming in short, rattling gasps like a fish out of water, and the woman looking down at him was utterly disgusted. She leaned into the man who was with her and whispered something which made him giggle, then her ugly, lantern-jawed face twisted into a sneer, and her milky eyes turned angrily on the mine superintendent.

“Thatcher, you brought me in here for this?”

Her voice was neither male nor female, and despite his terror, Gideon was fascinated…

Betty Elrod Photography: Dark Queen [PHOTOGRAPHER GALLERY]

Dark Queen shoot with model Madison Herondale at Cave creek park in Raytown, MO. Photos by Betty Elrod Photography.

The Day the City Shook: Chapter 9 [SERIAL]

“Simply, I do not desire a war,” Ardenai said, side-arming a rock with the force of a slingshot against the wall of the ravine. “I want Sarkhan to face me armed only with his wits. On Calumet, that’s all he will have.”

“He can bring a whole army, though,” Gideon panted, crunching along beside his long legged companion. He’d had no idea that Ardenai’s idea of stretching their legs would involve a brisk jog in hundred and ten degree weather. The sweat was rolling into his eyes, and the fact that Ardenai reveled in such misery did nothing to make Gideon any happier. “Can we turn back?”

Amadi Visuals: Rebel Goth Fashion [PHOTOGRAPHER GALLERY]

A fashion-styled goth photoshoot we did with model, Woman in Corset, in an abandoned fort in Warsaw, Poland.

The Day the City Shook: Chapter 8 [SERIAL]

That, was as flat a statement as any Gideon had ever heard. What Ardenai wished to know, Ardenai was about to find out. Gideon excused himself and went to take a quick bath. He had the feeling he was going to be sweating, and he’d discovered with a little coaching from the Equi, that bathing, even in a river using bark and herbs, could be a pleasant pastime.

Ardenai appeared, handsome and half smiling, sleeves cuffed to the forearms on a deep red tunic which softened his eyes to brown and made him look quite the ideal father to listen to a young man’s problems. He ordered breakfast…