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Karen St. Claire: Voodoo Mermaid of Fiji Island [SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

In the heat of the summer, the undead sea maidens wash up to shore for a festive night of Voodoo in the Tropics. On this remote castaway island in the South Pacific, the ceremonial magic ends with a huge volcanic eruption. The sirens of this mysterious cult return back to the water before the hot lava ascends, coating the beachfront sands with a sizzling hot potion of fruition from nature’s caudron. Returning back to the salty sea, a mermaid arrives just in time to capture a sea captain’s fancy. These photos were captured at the annual assembly where these aquatic water nymphs are spotted. Dur

Marie Silvermist: Dock of the Bay [MODEL GALLERY]

Model Marie Silvermist presents a vintage pinup shoot at the dock of a lake. Photography by Goth Viking


Marie Silvermist: Blue Dress Ballet [MODEL GALLERY]

Model Marie Silvermist explores her love of dance in the bluegrass of Kentucky. Photos by Goth Viking Photography.

Karen St. Claire: Mourning Star [SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

Welcome to the Hermetic Order of the Mourning Star. From the first sunrise to the last sunset, this is a story about…time.

Marie Silvermist: Victorian State of Mind [MODEL GALLERY]

Model Marie Silvermist debuts with her look at Victorian sensibilities in this gallery from Goth Viking Photography.

Wisborg: From the Cradle to the Coffin [ALBUM REVIEW]

Wisborg actually delivers a “gothic” project that would make sense being grouped with the early greats like the Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim – and that with a front man under 25! Classic goth-rock, also called post-punk, is bass-driven but Wisborg achieves the effect by playing the low strings on heavily distorted electric guitars and/or with keyboards rather than a bass guitar. The former often gives the sound a metal feel. The depth and complexity in this record does not resemble the top-40-quality opuses so often ground out by many…

Karen St. Claire: Paul Stanley Backstage Pass [ARTICLE]

DGM Spokemodel 2019, Karen St. Claire, Gets a Backstage Pass from Paul Stanley. The meet and greet took place at Barnes and Noble in Los Angeles and they spoke briefly about her recording studio experience involving Paul through the nature of cause and effect. She chuckled at his remark.

The Dark Passenger [USER VIDEO]

A dark wiccan ride share driver tales her accounts of abusive, entitle riders who harass and belittle her while taking those clients on their journey. In the end she always gets her spiritual revenge. Film has just released on Amazon Prime!

Conscience of the King [BOOK REVIEW]

Imagine being a young man—yes, on the planet, Equus, 100 is young— content with your role as a quantum computational genius and teacher of kindergartners, and suddenly, on that 100th natal day, being declared, without warning or recourse, the absolute ruler of a sprawling galactic alliance faced with a deadly threat. Ah’Krill Ardenai Morningstar—until that fateful morning Ah’rane Ardenai Krush—has, following 700 years of rule by the priestesses of the Great House—risen to become the Thirteenth Dragonhorse, the only secular ruler the Affined Equi Worlds and the Seventh Galactic Alliance will…

Karen St. Claire: Witch Doctor Warzone [SPOKESMODEL GALLERY]

As the earth cleanses itself from pollution and climate change, a tattered and torn witchdoctor warrior is spotted holding a staff to signal her victory.